Youth Section–Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth:

The Youth Section’s vision is to create a world that values, supports and allows the potential and creativity of every young person to unfold in their full strength and brilliance.

To work towards this goal requires commitment, compassion and dedication. This vision for the future is only possible if we begin to work with the ideas that will make it a reality and by supporting the spiritual striving of youth.

Accomplishing this vision means having the courage to unlearn and review what we have been taught about how our world operates. It means collaborating with many different people in many different countries. It means trusting in yourself and those around you, setting examples and taking responsibility. It means always being young at heart, ready to change yourself and the world.


We live in the constant tension between a state of existential yearning for connectedness to reality and a state where we are becoming ever more separated from it. Often, instead of being more connected, we find ourselves in a scary state of loneliness.

To live in this tension between what we are yearning for and what we actually find ourselves in is not unique to our time. The split between knowledge and belief, between doubting reality and blind dedication to the sensory world: it appears that the thinking human lives by nature in this constant opposition. Our whole life is made up by our attempt to bring about a unity between this split of the world and reality. What is unique, however, to our time is the growing consciousness of this split. We are not only capable of realising this split once, but it is a constant state of our daily life. We live in absolute unpredictability of being able to prepare for the future because the future is no longer a mere continuance of the present. Nothing is merely given.

This split is more than a polarity between a state where everything and nothing occurs at the same time, between a dedication and closing of issues, between devotion and fear. The split extends to everything we are and everything that surrounds us, including the connection to a spiritual dimension of reality. This dimension is often saturated with uncertainty, fear and indecision. We find ourselves in a striving for a spiritual ground coming from a huge aspiration for reality itself. This striving, however, runs the simultaneous danger of not seeing any value in the present, given world in a striving for the spiritual ‘beyond’. To recognize the danger in this separation does not mean avoiding this split. Rather, it calls for a greater presence, more awareness and alertness. It requires us to make sure that our interest stands endlessly in the foreground: an interest to be there for other humans. It is for the sake of our fellow humans, for the love we have for each other, that we continuously attempt to grasp reality.

It is a challenge, a challenge that possibly is harder and greater than ever before. But even so: I do not want to live in any other time than this one. I do not want to give this time up for anything: this existential connection between me, the present world and my fellow humans. This connection gives meaning to everything: it creates reality and connects me with the present, with the world and with the humans whom I encounter.

– Constanza Kaliks