Ronja Lucia Eis


Till and Ronja grew up in Germany, North-Rhine Westfalia where they visited the Freie Waldorfschule Dinslaken. Both of them were activly engaged in the students council in High School. In 2015 they were elected to be board members at the WaldorfSV. As parts of the WaldorfSV they organised several national students conferences. This eventually led them to the Youth Section where they helped organising the international students conference “What connects us?” in 2015, the “Am I Faust?” conference in 2016 as well as the “Challenges of our time – seeking for a global conscioussnes by facing myself” conference in 2017. After they graduated from school in 2017 they both traveled in Latin America for a year. In October 2018 they started working at the Youth Section at the Goetheanum, where they are currently organising the international students conference “COURAGE”.