(Re)Search: The spiritual striving of youth – Defining our reality

What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives within you becomes a reality, and what will you do to make it happen?

Wie würde die Welt im Jahr 2030 aussehen, wenn das, was im mir lebt, Realität werden soll und was werde ich tun, damit dies geschieht?

 ¿Cómo sería el mundo en el 2030 si aquello que vive en ti se hiciera realidad, y qué vas a hacer para que esto suceda?

The Goetheanum’s Youth Section team has embarked on a new search to find what moves and motivates our generation to actively participate in the world, and we would love to invite you to join us.

Our research project is a journey to the heart of young people’s hopes for the world. We want to listen to you talking to us about you, your experiences so far, what inspires you in life, what you are committed to, the challenges you face and what things you would like to change for yourself and others.

Out of the faith in the knowledge that we as young people carry within us, we want to create a space where your vision of the world matters and is listened to, in order to communicate it to others. This is an invitation for you to co-author this project with other young people like yourself from around the world.

How to participate? 

  1. Tell us your story

Our research team is interviewing people aged 18-35 coming from all the corners of the world. By Spring 2018, we will publish the conclusions extracted from conversations with dozens of young women and men.

Interviews last around two hours and are in essence relaxed conversations where you can narrate what is important to you: your questions, desires, plans, your key interests (work, family, occupation, studies, etc.), in whichever order you establish. It is you, the interviewee, who brings forward that which is vital to you and that which is less important – it is up to you to define our time together.

A researcher will accompany you in this conversation. You don’t need to prepare anything, all we ask is that you put aside 2 hours of your time. The interview’s audio is recorded so that we can transcribe the conversation afterwards. Then we put together all the stories and testimonies by participants like you. cYour identity and data will always be protected and we won’t reproduce the comments you make without making it anonymous or without your consent.

At the moment, we have researchers who can speak fluent English, Spanish and German. If you want to participate, please fill in your details below (we won’t share them with anyone external to our project).

  1. Creative archive – living with the question

Our central question hopes to inspire new reflections, ideas and actions in the people who contemplate and live with it.

What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives within you becomes a reality, and what will you do to make it happen?

After the interview, we ask you to creatively explore this question and other themes that come up in the conversation. This could last for some weeks. Some suggestions of how to do this include keeping a diary, making videos or taking photos, painting, drawing, writing poems… anything that the question inspires in you.

  1. Come together with other young people at the Goetheanum

If you have gone through the previous process (interview and creative responses), on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of December 2017, the Youth Section Colloquium will be an opportunity to bring together all the creative responses to the question, and engage in a debate with people coming from different corners of the world. The invitation to this event with more details on the gathering will be sent to you closer to the time.

If you like the sound of this project then we hope to meet you very soon! If you feel that this isn’t for you but you know others who might be interested in participating, please invite them to register or get in touch.

And remember that we are always here to answer any of your questions and hear your thoughts and ideas.

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Youth Section Research Team