The Youth Section at the Goetheanum has published in recent years a series of reports about our events, projects and activities. You can access them all for free here. Please consider making a donation to help us continue publishing and making our projects freely accessible to all.

Becoming Human (2018)

«Becoming Human» was the title of the 2018 Summer Youth Conference, where 177 participants from 31 countries dived into topics related to the challenges and opportunities offered by the development tendencies in the world. The preparation of the event involved a collaboration between eleven of the youth sections from different countries, which worked over one year in making this youth gathering happen. It was an incredible challenge organizing everything mainly via Skype in considering the time zones between Australia, India, Israel, Central Europe, USA and Brazil. The diversity of the team was reflected in the participants, who had a real chance to meet people with different cultural and economic backgrounds.



(Re)Search: The Spiritual Striving of Youth – Shaping our Reality (2019)

“The Spiritual Striving of Youth” is a journey to the heart of young people and their visions of our world. In 2017, the Youth Section at the Goetheanum – School of Spiritual Science – began to investigate what it means to be young in our time. Through peer interviews, focus groups, creative workshops in different spaces – from conferences to intimate gatherings – we have collected the testimonies and opinions of young people aged 16-35 from around the world about the realities they are experiencing. A book about the 4-year process is scheduled to come out in 2022. Enjoy here the first report published in 2019.


Worldwide Class Lessons Gathering (2019)

In this report you will find two contributions from the 2019 annual gathering for young members around the 19 Class Lessons of the School of Spiritual Science. In this introduction we provide you with a brief history of the origin of our annual gathering initiative and some future perspectives.



From Courage to Trust – A portrait of the Youth Section 2019 – 2021 (2021)

It is a great pleasure to present to the members of the Anthroposophical Society and to our friends and sponsors, this overview of the last period – January 2019 until January 2021 – of work in the Youth Section. You will be able to see how many different initiatives, working fields and projects were developed out of the aim to enable young people to become active, to exchange, and research to find ways of interacting with themselves, their own questions, the earthly challenges and larger societal issues.




Trust (2021)

Trust was the theme of a four-day conference – but also the theme for months of preparation, meetings, conversations, for questioning and also not knowing if it would be possible to make it happen. It was a real journey from courage to trust: from the courage to affirm the will to enable the gathering in the conditions given, to the trust that it would be good, that the aim of finding sources for our own trust would be fulfilled.





Breathing with the Climate Crisis (2021)

In this 36-page report, this year’s Conference is documented in words and pictures. It consists of texts about the lectures and seminars, accompanied by photographs, interviews and numerous suggestions. For all those who participated, it can be a refreshment of memories, for all those who could not come this time, a stimulating and entertaining summary, which encourages the participation for the next International Annual Conference of the biodynamic movement in Dornach.





Question! Encounter! Play! Transformative Dialogue Through Theatre (2021)

In October 2021, the Youth Section at the Goetheanum hosted “Frage! Begegne! Spiele” (Question! Encounter! Play!) – a week-long experience for young people with and without experiences as refugees in Switzerland and Germany. They co-created a play from scratch based on their experiences of becoming.