Johannes Kronenberg’s review on the latest Worldwide Youth Section gathering at the Goetheanum. July 2019.

It is astonishing to have witnessed the powerful gathering of the Youth Section Worldwide movement last June. About 50 Youth Section representatives from 19 countries came together in Dornach and shared about their work and youth living in the 21st century.

We started with our dreams, visions and what wants to come from the future. Afterwards we worked with observations in the present time and how we work and live with them. Building bridges between the future in becoming and todays reality was the final step. The urgency but also joy of youth gatherings in this open and free space was embarked by the content and results of this work. The tremendous confrontation with daily feelings of loneliness in a world full of ‘social’ networks, fear and high pressure came to the surface. But also, the will to start new social action initiatives like powerful places such as Elderberries Threefold Café and community in Los Angeles or Free Colombia and their M.C. Richards Program in New York (starting September 2020) were present and take forward. Next to this a big group from Georgia was present with specific questions concerning the characteristics of the task of our generation and how to work with is concretely.

The Youth Section Worldwide seems to be situated in a momentum: a lot of young people take responsibility and express their commitment to connect both to the impulse of the Goetheanum and share the endeavour to bring fruitful inspiration into action. There is a shared aim characterised by a wide range of diverse ways of working and dealing with the youth work. The next Youth Section Worldwide Gathering will be held in 2021.

Here you can find a detailed report of the Gathering:

Report Youth Section Gathering Worldwide 2019, Goetheanum, Switzerland

The Gathering was financially carried by Movetia Switzerland and Stiftung Evidenz.

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