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fortiyfing the “I”

fortiyfing the “I”

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Farmer Dane’s inspiration occurred while reading this article by Dennis Klocek,

 A Path Towards Earth Stewardship


To facilitate the flow and support of Deep Tracks + Save the Seeds! , Dane set up a new message board, to weave research, inspirations, questions and dialogue between whomever is inspired. Check out GOETHE FORUM! Thank you Dane!

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Our educational, research, charity website which has its venue on the farm:

(check out their amazing seed saving video there!)

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Click here to watch the video from Abigail’s Insight Open Mic

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Thank you Dr. Molly + Dr. Quentin, Our heart filled love + warmth to your family + friends, from the Youth Section community around the world.

Blessings in the Trees, may we keep working with Christopher

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From Sunrise to Ashes by James Kuhn

Sharin’ a piece of my mind / as directed to / the event of our group

Here’s my context: in a way, each collection of folks took place in timeline

As if we had just been pushed to sea / all the constituent parts piled in boats / characters of its make up

flowed together to find each other / right at the time of the same sea-bound vessels at imminent departure

here’s how it went / one of the organizers / a couple years acquaintance / soon to be a closer buddy

Asked me months ago / if I was going to any of these gatherings in Chicago / well I don’t know probably not, I thought

Then he asked me a lil’ over a week afore he leaves / and then 4 days before / back at the beginning of 2020

everything else fell through / what the hell / then it’s close to it, and I hadn’t done shit

Guess maybe not? / maybe not, more or less

Walking to the potluck and he’s there / talk some shit in the driveway with him and another dude

He’s leaving the next morning before daylight / So wassup you going?

Next question: did I check the email with the description? — no / busts my chops for a minute

Well shit, I don’t have the pack for a hiking trip / you’re hiking for 10 days? 11 days.

Man, I got a pack.. if you can fix the buckle you can take that

Then we’re leaving before 5 tomorrow

I asked somebody else there who had gear

They told me where to look in their basement shop and to take what I needed

Got a new buckle and I was set

Ready to hustle / for the morning


This is my soul’s true home— Leaping prayer.

Beauty is the color of the sky, Gold is where it all began;
And you dripped honey across our feet, Threads of gold.

It dances around me, Awakening.

A tapestry of hope;
In hope, I raise the Sun in Hallelujah.

Flapping little birds,
The movement of the sky is always at peace.

A burning crown

Seeing reflection
It lays down upon my feet— Fleeting, poignant.

Right before me stands God. Serenity pervades—
I have the key.

The radiance of the light, may it purify us all. Your hand reaches out, teaches my eyes to bow.

Bright and still, Heavens rise for the Earth: The perfect mystery.


A life beyond potential: A messenger to the Gods, Liberated.

Wispy tendrils of smoke whisper quickly, Beaning new gifts, Transforming forever
To star blood.

Where are you going? What do you leave behind? Befriend us:
A sacrifice to the hierarchies.

As you have been transformed, transform my soul— A phoenix reborn.

Leave remnants of a spiral hearth, Or be still.

Light and free to dance in the wind— O, this powdery white sun face, From hot destruction, evolves cold rebirth.

With the purest essence Lifting up the land, The Christ:
Past and future.

Who am I?
In the charred carcass parts of the fire. Could it all be good?

Speaking softly but clearly,
A clay of many shades
From light to darkness and back again To eternity,
Plays place.

invited + arranged by Lucien Dante

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