Invitation to (Re)search during these exceptional times

What is the world like now and what will the world be like after the current pandemic? Can each of us in this unique time, set impulses that could bear fruits in the near future?

Dear friends of the Youth Section worldwide,

The current events taking place in the world call us to question the status quo of our lives and our society. It is now clearer than ever how interconnected the world’s processes are, how dependent we are on one another, and what effects and consequences an epidemic has on our lives in various aspects.

We are seeing in individual and societal responses to this situation both light and shadow: from a lack of trust and fear, to genuine acts of solidarity and commitment for others. In these, we can experience how our actions are changing and creating reality, how possibilities for action take endless different shapes.

Herewith we invite you to start a process of envisioning the future you wish for and finding actions in order to shape it!

The following questions are connected with the ones we have posed since 2017 to youth around the world participating in (Re)Search, the Youth Sectoin research project. These questions are of great relevance now and by asking them, we hope to keep growing an understanding of what it means to be young in our times.

Our invitation is for you to engage in the process of asking yourself these questions and then share your experiences with us. Your responses will contribute to the ongoing research process, which will result in a new publication at the end of this year.

We suggest the following questions, which ideally can be posed every day or on a regular basis:

1. Take a moment to review the past few months: can you describe what has taken place around you? how has life been affected or transformed by the present events taking place around the world? If you want, you can choose one aspect that has changed or been transformed and describe it in detail.

2. Now take another moment to look within yourself: can you find a gift or a present, that you would like to give to the world today? Something that planet, people and all beings could benefit from? What would this gift be?

3. Imagine that this gift is immediately active everywhere as if by magic: what changes or transformations do you see taking place in the world?

4. Coming back to the present moment: what would you actually have to do today to make the changes you envision a reality?

TIP: If you get stuck in the process of reflection, try inviting a friend or family member to help you by asking you the questions. You could also interview them and note the differences and similarities in your answers!

These questions are a guidance for you to enter a process of inner dialogue and reflection. We invite you to let your mind and heart wander through the images, thoughts and ideas that come up during exercise. Explore, become your own (Re)searcher…!

On the 3rd of June from 17:00 – 18:30 Swiss time we would like to meet with those who want to follow-up on this invitation and exchange reflections on the impact of living with these questions. You are very welcome to invite friends to this proposed experiment! Please let us know by May 15th if you will be part of it.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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