In preparation for the 2022 conference “Alma Humana”, the General Anthroposophical Section and the Youth Section at the Goetheanum are hosting an online event on July 10 from 20:00 – 22:00 CET to talk about Human Dignity. Everybody is invited to participate. The event will take place in English & Spanish. Full programme here in English and here in Spanish. Interested participants register via email:

ENG Alma Humana Programme

ESP Alma Humana Programa

Human dignity is praised today as a precious commodity, but it is repeatedly violated, despised and forgotten.

What is human dignity? Where and how is it forgotten, misunderstood and violated? What can communities contribute to the cultivation of human dignity, even when external circumstances make it very difficult? What are the concrete and specific realities and tasks of the various Romance-speaking countries in relation to this, including the rights of women, children, the elderly, the right to education, to health care, to healthy food, to work, and much more?

Anthroposophy gives the possibility to recognise human dignity as an expression of the spiritual core of the human being and to find ways of making become responsible for it and to realise it. In this event, different representatives of the Anthroposophical Society in romance-speaking countries, as well as contributors from the fields of law, economics and education will give contributions on the theme of Human Dignity.

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