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Hello Everyone,

My name is Bárbara Valentín, I am a teacher born in Madrid. It has been two years now since I work at the Association Loïc Francis Lee  (Capena, Roma), an Anthroposophic inspired Sociotherapy center.

Some months ago I found a brochure about the Youth meeting at the Anthroposophic Society in Rome, I did not have any doubt I had to register. Already from the moment of the registration I felt warmth, cordiality and efficiency.

I come from a very wide social atmosphere, since I worked in Madrid for some years in a social center, I have been Scout coordinator at national level in my country, and I have done it combinedly with years of teaching at a Waldorf Kindergarten. One of my personal searchers has always been the strength of the group, and in particular the vitality and the creativity of youth.

Sincerely, since I have gotten to know Anthroposophy (already ten years, and now I am 33) I have felt in many occasions a sense of isolation, as if the young had to live in an old environment, learn from the expert, always study and deepen more… myself, having experienced the forces that young children and young adults are capable of, I was missing this part of Anthroposophy at a more official level (with this I mean that I had participated in many groups in camps with people interested in Anthroposophy, but not recognized by the association of Waldorf centers of Spain or the Italian [Waldorf] Federation). Actually, I even had a period I adapted to what I saw…but then I got tired, I activated myself and worked with other young people, and although sometimes it was desolating because many times I felt like a salmon swimming upstream, we tried anyways, and we reached many small things, in particular, we came to realize that together we can make it.

What a surprise for me to arrive at Oriago! I find more than a hundred young people with desire to know each other, to meet, to create a new Italian network that sustains us. All this in a natural, light and wise fashion and an excellent organization, in regards to logistics as well as content and activities. All of this with a view of Anthroposophy worldwide, making young people an active part, and giving tools to know themselves better, their generation and also know companions with whom to act together.

The presence of Constanza Kaliks of the Youth Section of the Goetheanum gave us a amazing bath of great hope. She gave us a very interesting path of why the Youth Section was important for Steiner and for the world, she guided us through poets, philosophers, exercises and much warmth in her conferences.

Art has enrichened us, not only intellect, especially our rhythmical part, the heart. We take not only tools for our lives, but also many beautiful images of how we can experience together, from Eurythmy, to the art of speech, to painting.

 The study groups were also a success in participation. The themes were extremely interesting for us. It was very clear we have great interest in deepening our knowledge and sharing from threefold social order to medicine, to pedagogy or Biodynamics.

Also, the night shows made us see the most refined Eurythmy directly from Stuttgart, to our small and spontaneous artistic contributions, all is worthy, all is beautiful.

As a Spanish person I was hoping for such kind of meeting, I had never lived it in an Anthroposophic environment, and it was something that I personally need it, to make a thread with all the things that I have done and do in my life. I have defined myself a bit more, and I have felt a great impulse, that is helpful in my daily life, as a projection to my future ideals. My feeling of belonginess (don’t forget I am a Spanish living in Italy) has nourished much as young, as creative, without identifying much with a concrete culture. I have felt more as part of a society, as a person that each day needs to deepen more what is truly human.

I have also seen clearly that in all cultures we need to see our needs, and act little by little, with serenity, and conscience. Spain needs to renew, and also Italy. Continue to grow and expand. I haven’t worked in my country for two years already, but I keep in contact, and I see how young people there want to stay in touch, to construct new ways of being together, at a personal level as well as at a professional level. We look at the world in this beginning of conscious soul as a gift and a challenge at the same time. Social life will help us find resources, experiences and all sorts of things.

Let us get involved in this invisible network, this patchwork or social network that it’s from Facebook, till our desire to have real encounters, authentic and significant dialogues. Let’s talk tête-à-tête. It was really beautiful that at the meeting all young people were communicating like this; it was so full of emotions.

We are a generation with great ideals and yearnings. If we relate to each other we find the way to grow with them, without embarrassment, without being afraid. We will get to know ourselves more and act in the world that surrounds us. Seeing this with my own eyes time has given me much strength for anything that could come.

I would like to thank from here the organizing committee for their love, dedication and the quality of everything that was selected for the meeting. To Constanza Kaliks for her presence, support, joy and vitality. To all of the artists for their professionalism and naturalness, for the fresh sight on what was offered to us from Anthroposophy. To the study groups, because it was demonstrated that not because one is young one cannot transmit to others, that we can make things happen, go deep into things, we have more than enough interest! To all of the young assistants, for the joy of each meeting. I still feel you close to me, as a new skin that wraps me around and gives me each day more hope. In my Scout group of Madrid we had a saying: “since we didn’t know it was impossible, we did it”. Thing youth meeting confirms it once more, olé!

We will see each other in the next one, and also at the Latin meeting at the Goetheanum in July 2018.



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