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Anthroposophy is a path of understanding the human being and the world. It is a way of practising participation in the sphere of the living, embracing life.

Rudolf Steiner’s work is informed by a transformative potential that wishes to contribute to a more humane future. In his artistic, literary or architectural works, in his social reform or cultural renewal work it is the creative activity of thinking and the participation of the individual that shapes reality.

Thus, creativity and autonomy, dialogical work and mutual concern are fundamental for the Special Online Course, ‘Goetheanum Anthroposophy Studies’. Learning from the Corona Crisis and also wishing to reach out to you under these special conditions we designed this new online course.

The synchronous study work in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish take place at 12.00 CET, which allows students from many parts of the world to participate simultaneously. The asynchronous video lessons consists in a series of short talks, lectures and art classes by Goetheanum Section Leaders and Co-workers in English. This study format allows students to gain insights into current research findings and their contribution to contemporary challenges. In addition, the Guided tour on the Goetheanum Campus and the weekly Sunday Colloquiums bring all participants together in a new special form of meeting at the Goetheanum, giving the chance to encounter each other and exchange questions and reflections.

Through this we hope to create a cross-cultural and intergenerational experience. Using digital media in the best possible ways, we are committed to creating transformative spaces of encounter, dialogue and insights.

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