Worldwide and at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, we organise conferences, gatherings, workshops, colloquiums, study groups and other events for groups from 10 up to 700 participants. Initiated by and for young people.

For 2021 we are preparing:

February Days “Breating with the Climate Crisis” with the Section for Agriculture
11 – 14 February 2021 [Digital conference streamed from and to the Goetheanum]
more information on the conference website

3th Class Lesson Gathering Worldwide for young members
25 – 28 February 2021 [Goetheanum]

International Student Conference  2021
30 March – 3 April 2021 [Goetheanum]
more information on the conference website

Youth Section’s Worldwide Gathering
28 April – 2 May 2021 [England]

Worldwide Camphill Youth Gathering
20 – 23 May 2021 [Scotland]

Summer School
19 July – 25 July  [Goetheanum]

Faust – Die Erde verjüngen / Rejuvenate the Earth
30 July – 1 August [Goetheanum]

Refugee theater week
1 – 9 October 2021 [Goetheanum]

Research colloquium
December 2021 [Goetheanum]


Agriculture and Youth Conference / 11 – 14 February 2021 / Digital Conference

The conference in 2021 will take place digitally and will be organised jointly by the Youth Section and the Section for Agriculture. With this digital format we want to make an exchange of views and true encounters possible, and look forward to meeting many participants from all over the world.How can we breathe in the climate crisis? How can we understand the climate crisis at an ecological, spiritual and social level? Can the earth actually still bear my footprint?

Climate change is happening – and we can see it in the most varied places. Each person can inwardly balance the existential uncertainty that this causes to a certain extent, and nature and agriculture also have certain powers of resilience. But is there not an ongoing erosion over the years, both in the inner and outer fabric?

We want to use a broader concept of climate to develop a view of the earth as a living being, examine the facts and discuss possible solutions. We want to explore the purpose of the individual in relation to an apparently hopeless situation for humankind. We want to confront the explosive social consequences with the potential of a common will to tackle the urgent tasks together.
We wish to reach an enlivening breath which allows us to say: «The earth is waiting for my footprint – I want to walk on the earth and make my contribution for our joint future.»

More information
11 February 15.00 to 14 February 2021, 16.30 CET / Central European Time
Registration opens from mid January 2021 at
Inquiries: André Hach / +41 61 706 4212

The Lectures (selection)
From climate change to climate collapse Hans-Ulrich Schmutz German
The living earth Charles Eisenstein English
The earth is the substance of our destiny Constanza Kaliks and Ueli Hurter German
Spirituality for our common earth Clement Vincent English
In dialogue with nature Ronja Eis and Anet Spengler German
From the individual to society – a holistic perspective on climate change Lin Bautze and Adrian Müller English
Lectures interpreted in German, French, English, Spanish, Chinese and Italian

Speakers: Ronja Eis, Germany; Petra Derkzen, Netherlands; Hans-Ulrich Schmutz, Switzerland; Charles Eisenstein, USA; Clement Vincent, India; Ueli Hurter, Switzerland; Constanza Kaliks, Switzerland / Brazil; Thea Maria Carlson, USA; Edouard Rousseau, France; Lin Bautze, Switzerland; Anet Spengler, Switzerland; Adrian Müller, Switzerland; Georg Soldner, Germany; Jean-Michel Florin, France; Marieke Vingerhoets, Netherlands

The Future Labs
We are working with a new format for the first time and look forward to the exchange of views. In parallel Future Labs you will work on current questions about the social, economic, ecological and spiritual dimensions of the climate crisis. Following input from an expert, small groups will design visions for the future and plan practical steps. Examples of questions in the Future Labs:
Everybody is a farmer – what is the role of agriculture?

How to overcome divisions between the global south and global north and constructively collaborate?
How can we understand the role of humanity for the evolution of the earth?
How can we realise economic degrowth?

The Michael Letter
The Michael letters are short concise texts by Rudolf Steiner that he wrote during the last year of his life. The chapter „From Nature to Sub-nature“ deals with a key question in the development of consciousness: how can we find a relationship to technology and materialism without becoming unfree? In three sessions that build on each other, Petra Derkzen, Jakob Bergsma and Johanna Lamprecht will approach this question through exercises, lectures and work in small groups. Participants will be invited to enter into a discussion involving the social, artistic and ecological aspects and to find how we can now develop a good relationship to ourselves and to the cosmos. References: Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts Chapter „From Nature to Sub-nature“, Leading Thoughts 183-185, Complete edition 26 (GA 26)

Regional Events (self-organised)
During the international digital conference there will be regional meetings of farms, biodynamic associations, youth sections and other partners organised throughout the world. Besides the live transmission of the conference lectures at the Goetheanum, a supporting programme of Future Labs, workshops, artistic contributions, etc. can complement the meetings.
An overview of the meetings can be viewed on the conference website, which is continuously updated:
If you are interested in organising a meeting of this kind, please contact Till Höffner:

TRUST – International High School Students’ Conference 2021

30 March – 3 April 2021  at the Goetheanum

To all High School Students Worldwide – you are invited!

Trust is an important and versatile foundation in our lives that can be experienced on three levels:
In the personal sphere, trust can be summed up as “self-confidence”. On the interpersonal level, trusting each other, as well as responsibility and belief in loyalty, are related to each other. From a social perspective, also reflected in politics, the personal meets the interpersonal level. Only through a balance between one’s contribution to society and the individual benefit arising from such contribution, can a harmonious-functioning community be created. It is important that we question trust but not to doubt it, in order to enter with confidence a path towards the future.

At the “Trust” conference we will deal with aspects of ourselves, each other, and society. Through this theme, we invite you to work with questions of the future, which concern us all.

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Worldwide Camphill Youth Gathering 2021 – ‘Elements of Metamorphosis’

20 –  23 May 2021 at Newton Dee Camphill Community, Scotland.

Dear reader,
You are warmly invited by the Newton Dee Camphill Community and the Youth Section of the Goetheanum to be engaged in a collective exploration of transformative (re)thinking and (re)doing social-ecological renewal by learning from the legacy of Camphill communities – All of this during our 2021 Worldwide Camphill Youth Conference in Newton Dee, Scotland.

It’s you – your initiative, creativity and responsibility – who ignite the earth’s healing through environmental consciousness, tackling of social challenges, nurture people’s wellbeing as well as building inclusive communities for the future. Camphill is a worldwide network where these elements
of metamorphosis are practiced since more then 80 years. Are you living in a Camphill community or interested to learn?

Join the process of exploring a new story at the Worldwide Camphill Youth Conference, 20 – 23 May 2021, Newton Dee Camphill Community, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Subthemes/Tags: Social Ecology, Community Building, Camphill heritage, Environment & Ecology, Spiritual Life, Anthroposophy, Personal Development, Discernment Thinking & Consciousness, Human Dignity, Building a New Story.

Price: £100,- British Pounds including ticket, accommodation and food.

This is a ‘save the date’ flyer. More information will follow.
You can subsribe for our newsletter at or send an email to for questions. On the Newton Dee website information will also be available via www.newtondee.