A Rite of Passage with Flore Lutters

Dates: Friday 21 (starts 18:00) – Sunday 23 (ends 13:00) February 2020, Goetheanum
Costs: 75 euro including accommodation and meals

Do you sometimes feel a sense of alienation, despair and anxiety, but at the same time a deep longing and belonging to a broader whole of inter-connectedness with humanity and nature?

Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies Richard Tarnas points out, inspired by Rudolf Steiner, that these feelings are not only subjective personal struggles and joyful moments but also part of a deeper transformation of consciousness that is currently going on. In his view today’s humanity is going through a rite of passage. A transition from an Ego to an Eco consciousness. Is the modern dualistic approach to reality transforming into a participatory relation?

During this Masterclass we will utilise a philosophical perspective in search for this breakthrough in our culture of this new form of being. Film and philosophy will be our guiding companions to do so in combination with deep dialogue with your fellow participants (Art of Hosting), art (Art-Based-Learning) and nature (Nature Based Learning).

The current rite of passage from an ego to an eco-consciousness will be studied during this Masterclass on a conceptual, cinematic and personal level.  On the conceptual level you will study the modern philosophical perspectives of Martin Heidegger, Viktor Frankl, Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Taylor. This by becoming acquaintend with concepts as Forgetfulness of Being (Heidegger), The Will to Meaning (Frankl), Remain True to the Earth (Nietzsche) and the Porous and Buffered Self (Taylor).

These far reaching thoughts will become charged with emotion and liveliness on the cinematic level. You will watch the films My Biggest Little Farm, Embrace of the Serpent and Down to Earth. In these films you will see the world through the eyes of a shaman in the amazon woods, experience a young couple building a flourishing farm in harmony with nature and make a journey around the world with a family on their search for the wisdom of tribal leaders.


But what are these journeys of others worth without your own experience? On the personal level you will ask during the workshop your own questions that relate to the rite of passage trough works of art as speaking-objects (Art-Based Learning), experience being part of nature in a South-American initiation ritual (Nature-based-learning) and finally have a deep dialogue concerning the reality of this consciousness shift conceptual, emotional and personal (Art of hosting).

So, do you feel resonance with the idea of a current rite of passage where humanity is possibly going through? Then I would like to invite you to join this Masterclass film & philosophy. An experimental learning space to explore what this truly means for yourself, your work and the society you live in.

Flore Lutters (1991) studied history, film and philosophy. In 2016 he finished his Master of Arts in Brussels. In his work he is searching for the link between film and philosophy: ‘charging philosophy with emotions’. As a co-founder of 2116 he started an online platform with the vision: ‘2016-2116: ‘the age of kinship’. In Italy and Hungary he worked as producer of the films ‘Karenina & I’ and ‘Vlieg niet als je geen vleugels hebt’. As documentary maker he assisted Miha Pogačnik during his project ‘Europe: Unfinished Masterpiece’. At the moment he works as scientific coordinator at the Liberal Arts Year (Vrije Hogeschool). There teaches philosophy, is coaching students and makes philosophical walking journeys trough Europe (Classroom Alive). Also is coordinates the Dwarslopers Lecture cycle ‘The Perfect Storm?’ (2019-2020). As a freelancer he gives nationally and internationally workshops about film and philosophy. 

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