Interviews, focus groups, colloquia & your own initiatives

(Re)Search is a collaborative, participative project. There are a number of ways to get involved in this process. Below we suggest a few. If you can think of other ways in which you would like to take up the project and its questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you in the development of your initiative.

Tell us your story in an interview

Our research team is interviewing people aged 16-35 coming from all over the world. Interviews are designed as open encounters that last around two hours and are in essence relaxed conversations where you can narrate what is important to you: your questions, desires, plans, your key interests (work, family, occupation, studies, etc.), in whichever order you establish. It is you, the interviewee, who brings forward that which is vital to you – it is up to you to define our time together.

During interviews, participants and researchers alike work with the project’s frame question:

What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives within you becomes a reality, and what will you do to make it happen?

A researcher will accompany you in this conversation. You don’t need to prepare anything, all we ask is that you put aside 2 hours of your time. The interview’s audio is recorded so that we can transcribe the conversation afterwards. Then we put together all the stories and testimonies by participants like you. Your identity and data will always be protected and we won’t reproduce the comments you make without making it anonymous or without your consent.

At the moment, we have researchers who can speak fluent English, Spanish and German. If you want to participate, please email the research team to express your interest in being interviewed,   fill in your details below (we won’t share them with anyone external to our project).

Creative archive – living with the question

Our central question hopes to inspire new reflections, ideas and actions in the people who contemplate and live with it. What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives within you becomes a reality, and what will you do to make it happen? We invite you to creatively explore this question wherever you are in the world. Some suggestions of how to do this include keeping a diary, making videos or taking photos, painting, drawing, writing poems… anything that the question inspires in you! You can send the results to us to be published on our website.

Here’s an example of how a school in Argentina took up the question.

Come together with other young people at the Goetheanum

The Youth Section’s conferences and events at the Goetheanum are always shaped out of our common questions.  Every December we hold a research colloquium where we present findings from our ongoing research and facilitate investigative processes.

Fund free research

The Youth Section at the Goetheanum is committed to free educational and research activities. That is to say, that our research activities are produced freely, without pressure or intervention from funders or donors. If you want to support our efforts, please consider donating to (Re)Search. All contributions will go towards the planning and implementation of research, data collection and analysis, publication costs, enabling young people to participate in colloquia and delivering learning activities like our Summer School.

How to donate.