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View the original post of the North American Youth Section email us at fortiyfing the “I” Farmer Dane’s inspiration occurred while reading this article by Dennis Klocek,  A Path Towards Earth Stewardship GOETHE FORUM To facilitate the flow and support of Deep Tracks + Save the Seeds! , Dane set up a new…

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Relating in times of COVID-19

“I think COVID is really showing it’s not about the world, it is about how we deal with our own fears, our demons. It’s about us.” (Germany, 27) After journeying through big questions of humanity such as “what is the purpose of life”, “what makes a human being human”, or “where has humanity gone?”, we…

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Ein Beitrag zur Kunst, zu Corona und unserer Zukunft

Ein Beitrag zur Kunst, zu Corona und unserer Zukunft (von Klasse 11 der Freien Waldorfschule Landsberg mit Jessica Sartor-d’Avigdor) Die Oberstufe setzte sich während des Corona bedingten Unterrichts zuhause künstlerisch mit ihren Erfahrungen in dieser Zeit auseinander. So entstanden eine Vielfalt an Kunstwerken, die nun im Kunstturm ausgestellt sind und noch bis ins neue Schuljahr…

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(Re)Search in times of COVID-19

In early April 2020, the Youth Section at the Goetheanum held an online gathering with youth from around the world to open a space for sharing and reflecting upon experiences brought by the COVID-19 global crisis. A particular question about the state of reality after the pandemic arose: could one resume their life just as…

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