Youth Section at the Goetheanum

Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth

“Courage! We learn it fast or not at all. Courage to say to ourselves:
the life of the world must be constructed anew from its foundations.”

Rudolf Steiner, 1924

The Youth Section at the Goetheanum – School of Spiritual Science was founded in 1924 to provide a space for young people to explore their strivings, questions and initiatives. The Youth Section’s aim is to contribute to the transformation of the world into a place that values and supports the unfolding of every young person’s potential and creativity, in their full strength and brilliance 

Young people have an awareness of the challenges of our time. We can find possibilities for understanding, connecting and taking actions that may lead to the fostering of an ethical, peace-deepening society and healthy relationship with the Earth. 

Anthroposophy allows us to deepen and widen a search for the understanding of what it means to be human today. With this in mind, the Youth Section supports and nurtures each young person involved to develop their inner initiative, acting out of it in cooperation with peers and society to consciously shape and transform the world.

In addition to providing opportunities for human encounters, learning and intercultural exchanges, the Youth Section also works on youth-led research activities. These give young people the possibility to engage with contemporary social questions that matter to them and their peers. Through this, a space is offered to reflect on the impact that human ideals and actions have in the shaping of the future. The insights obtained inform our other activities, allowing us to continuously enrichen our work as a young generation.

The Youth Section organises conferences, research activities, study groups, informal educational opportunities and any other experience that young people today feel worth developing to make their future visions a reality.

We have small intimate settings with groups of 10 people meeting up to conferences of over 700 participants. We thereby try to carefully listen and offer the spaces that foster these encounters.


Andrea de la Cruz, Ioana Viscrianu, Johannes Kronenberg, Constanza Kaliks

September 2019

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