“Courage! We learn it fast or not at all.(…)
Courage to say to ourselves: the life of the world must be
constructed anew from its foundations.”

Rudolf Steiner, 20 July 1924


A portrait of the Youth Section work

We finished our report about the Youth Section’s work from 2019 to now – ‘Courage to Trust’. You can download the booklet. If you need it in higher resolution, please contact us.

Climate conference

Together with the Section for Agriculture, we are preparing the “Breathing with the Climate Crisis – ecologically – socially – spiritually”. Our first digital-only conference happens from February 11 to February 14, 2021. 

How can we breathe in the climate crisis? How can we understand the climate crisis at an ecological, spiritual and social level? Can the earth actually still bear my footprint?

Climate change is happening – and we can see it in the most varied places. Each person can inwardly balance the existential uncertainty that this causes to a certain extent, and nature and agriculture also have certain powers of resilience. But is there not an ongoing erosion over the years, both in the inner and outer fabric?

We want to use a broader concept of climate to develop a view of the earth as a living being, examine the facts and discuss possible solutions. We want to explore the purpose of the individual in relation to an apparently hopeless situation for humankind. We want to confront the explosive social consequences with the potential of a common will to tackle the urgent tasks together.

We wish to reach an enlivening breath which allows us to say: «The earth is waiting for my footprint – I want to walk on the earth and make my contribution for our joint future.»

Get more information on the conference website.

#ISC21 ‘Trust’

The international students’ conference is shaped for high school students’ and main organised by Vincent Eichholz and Tim Bauer. The five-day lasting conference will take place partly digital but also on-site at the Goetheanum.

Trust is an important and fluid foundation in our lives that can be experienced on three levels: From our personal sphere, trust can be summed up as “self-confidence”. From the interpersonal level, trusting each other, as well as the belief that loyalty, and responsibility are related to each other. From a social perspective, as is reflected in politics, the personal meets the interpersonal level. Only through a balance between one’s contribution to society and the individual development arising from said contribution, can a harmonious-functioning community be created. It is important that we question trust but not to doubt it, in order to enter the future path with confidence. At the “Trust” conference we will deal with aspects of ourselves, each other, and society. Through this theme, we invite you to work with questions of our future, which concern us all.

More information about the conference and the tickets on www.isc.international


Most recent event:

Youth Perspectives: 2020 Annual Research Colloquium

Took place on Saturday 12 December 2020 from 09:00 until 17:00 Online via Zoom, due the current Covid19 restrictions in Switzerland. A selected video recording with contributions will be available soon.

Photo: our co-workers Ioana, Tim, Vincent, Ronja and Andrea in our studio at the Goetheanum, broadcasting into different time zones and connecting with participants from all over the world.


Location – Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland