“Courage! We learn it fast or not at all.(…)
Courage to say to ourselves: the life of the world must be
constructed anew from its foundations.”

Rudolf Steiner, 20 July 1924


A portrait of the Youth Section work

We finished our report about the Youth Section’s work from 2019 to now – ‘Courage to Trust’. You can download the booklet. If you need it in higher resolution, please contact us.


‘Trust’ digital International Students’ Conference 2021
March 31st – April 03rd, 2021

The digital International Students’ Conference is shaped for high school students’ and main organised by Vincent Eichholz and Tim Bauer. The four-day lasting conference will take place partly digital but also on-site at the Goetheanum.

Trust is an important and fluid foundation in our lives that can be experienced on three levels: From our personal sphere, trust can be summed up as “self-confidence”. From the interpersonal level, trusting each other, as well as the belief that loyalty, and responsibility are related to each other. From a social perspective, as is reflected in politics, the personal meets the interpersonal level. Only through a balance between one’s contribution to society and the individual development arising from said contribution, can a harmonious-functioning community be created. It is important that we question trust but not to doubt it, in order to enter the future path with confidence. At the “Trust” conference we will deal with aspects of ourselves, each other, and society. Through this theme, we invite you to work with questions of our future, which concern us all.

More information about the conference and the tickets on www.isc.international


Most recent event

Breathing with the climate crisis

in collaboration with the Section for Agriculture
11 – 14 February 2021 [Digital conference streamed from and to the Goetheanum]
Recorded conference soon available here.


Location – Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland