The Youth Section’s vision is to create a world that values, supports and allows the potential and creativity of every young person to unfold their full strength and brilliance



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Join us for our Thursday Evenings!

We dine together and exchange on various themes and actual issues.
Everyone is welcome!
Place: Dorneckstrasse 1, 4143-Dornach, Switzerland
Time: 7 p.m.


What could the world look like 2030, if that,
which lives within me is to become real and
what will I do to make it happen?

Youth Initiatives

The Youth Section’s vision is to create a world that values, supports and allows the potential and creativity of every young person to unfold their full strength and brilliance



Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner used this word to give name to his insights into the evolution of the cosmos and the human being. In his spiritual science he  describes the connection between the spiritual world and the human being, and gives advice on how it is possible to enter spiritual creative forces through the schooling and cultivating of thinking, feeling and willing.

He saw such a cultivation as a necessary step in the history of mankind, where inner attitude will play an increasingly important role in developing and shaping a worthy life – culturally, socially and economically.

One of his main themes was that the human being is not only mirroring cosmic processes, but that it is also a co-creator in evolution. What the human being thinks, feels and does has an impact in the world.

Steiner emphasised that all cultivation of inner qualities through contemplation and meditation should lead to a ‘waking up’ in the understanding of the needs of the time, the social context one lives in, other people and one’s own self. The founding of Waldorf Schools, biodynamic farms, hospitals, curative homes and banks all have this as a leading thought.

In earlier times, such spiritual knowledge would belong to only a few people, hidden from the world. Steiner worked to ensure that, today, this hidden knowledge is available to everybody, and that it is based on general human qualities.


Summary about my conference:
This conference represents totally the meeting between a beautiful heart and interesting idea, from people all around our earth!
And this young person can understand how much our earth is beneficial for everybody if we take care. The conference is a solution to distribute good feeling, good emotions, and a good future!

Tom , 17 years - France

isc#17 was amazing. The workshops were really interesting and i have learned a lot. There were so many cool people to connect with. Exactly what you would expect of a Waldorf conference; learning and connecting.

Christophoor, 18 years - Netherlands

I loved the conference because it had something for everyone. So each of us went home with a bag full of beautiful experiences, new ideas and friends as well as more knowledge and consciousness about probably the most important topic of our time: how can we get the right consciousness about our environment and ourselves to save our environment and ourselves.

The internationality made the conference to an even more memorable and valuable time and I’m sorry for everyone who couldn’t be there.

Jannik , 18 years - Germany

The conference was a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world. There were a lot of activities but one also had enough free time to get into contact with the other students. In the end i want to praise the organization team. Thay worked very hard to enable this great time for us… Thank you all

Erasmus, 19 years - Germany

“The conference was a very intensive time. Meeting the students from all around the world and making them a good time – great thing! I am thankful being a part of that cool event”

Von Salomo

The whole experience was AMAZING, and it was so nice to see people with different stories, personalities, cultures and even speaking different languages, all connecting and finding a friend in each other


Even as I write, the feeling is as vivid as I remember. I can’t fully express it, but perhaps the closest way for me to describe it would be genuine happiness. And I know it will be a feeling for me to remember and carry on into the future.


I think bringing people together this way, where borders and language don’t matter, where current topics are discussed, aside from the somehow elitist attitude, is a very nice invitation to try to reach that goal.

Rosalie Paas

If we start to act today, even though the change seems small, we sow seeds for the future. Let’s carry in our hearts this living hope. Let’s be another kind of human being, let’s take off our masks, and let us be courageous, armed with Michael’s sword: Thought. (…) It was my first time at the Goetheanum and I really felt home in this Michaelic fortress that reveals the dignity of the Human Being.

Paméla Brugerolles

It was the way in which people showed their interest in each other, which made the whole “Faust” experience feel so warm and welcome

Roos Naves

The Faust youth conference was not only 18 hours of spectacular theatre, but also a time of fascinating encounters with young people from all over the world.

Erik Milas

I was great fun to play for all these active people. It was a really beautiful experience. So great that you brought this committed audience at the Goetheanum.

Anna Sophia Millas

Goethe’s Faust was a refreshing experience and full of phantasy, to encounter young people that had the same questions to life and who wish to create the world of tomorrow – a beautiful, important experience.

Lisa-Marie Nussbaumer

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