837bfe201aGreetings from the Southern Hemisphere!! We have reached the beginnings of spring here in Buenos Aires; a hum of activity can be heard as the finishing preparations for the Youth Conference Neolaia unfold (4th – 6th October 2013). With only a year behind us as a reaffirmed group emerging out of the Conference Waynakay in 2011, we have faced many challenges in the incarnation of our identity as the youth section of Argentina, in sustaining a group rhythm, and discovering the true impulse which brings us together as young individuals and the role we choose to take on within the Anthroposophical Movement.

Alongside the development of the Youth Section, a few members dedicated themselves to organizing monthly talks to the community, but with special accessibility to young people; Working within general themes in Anthroposophy, and the idea of an open space imbued with interest, connection, questioning, discussion…. In this way the fruits of both initiatives aims were to achieve a more direct and fluid communication with the community.

Juan Bottero

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