As we met with the new Youth Section team at the Goetheanum, we shared a lot of thoughts that we carry with us in Bucharest as well. Our ideal has been to create a group that will journey together on the rough paths of spiritual science.

This autumn we have realized just tha4bb3733f12t. We have been working together with Dirk Kruse from Germany, who invites us to go into the deepness of nature and get inspired by it. We have also started to journey along with Parsival, the Medieval knight, who brings us in the misteries of our souls.

This is how an initiative has been born. We will be visited in April by Constanza and Lisa in Bucharest, to get to know each other better and to nurture our common ideals and plans.Our main concern for the near future is to organize the Wandering Youth Conference in Simeria, Transylvania, at the end of August, 2013. There we shall meet with the enthusiastic youth atmosphere, which provides us with a creative attitude for so long!