I had not heard of the Goetheanum, but as I walked up Dornach I knew I was entering somewhere special. At first glance I thought this must be where Batman lives, I could feel the energy as I strolled towards it.

15565f7de3Beginning my look into Anthroposophy, I am glad I didn’t do any research into the Anthroposophical world before the ‘Being-Present!’ conference. It allowed me to come un-opinionated and was the perfect way for me to learn about the body of work that Steiner left behind. It is some of the most impressive teachings I have seen to date, so human for all life in a very real and articulate way: biodynamic farming, the importance of caring for the earth and what we put into our body, the study of bees and their fragility in the eco-system, the importance of human consciousness on all levels in society today, and the necessity of art as a real human expression to educate and be educated. I am yet to find teachings that are as comprehensible, making the present human the ever more valuable in this sometimes insane world.

Time spent at the ‘Being-Present!’ conference was special, many people from all over the world, all there to express ideas and meet like-minded friends and enjoy each days activity. The speakers in the morning were my favorite: from politicians to firefighting philosophiers, priests and scientists, banking CEO’s all there to talk about each days topic. The mind would race as I would try to stay with each new idea or topic presented. It was very expansive and a valuable time for my mind, reinforcing some thoughts and challenging others.

Congratulations to Lisa, Magdalena, Che, Juan and Constanza for putting on such a great conference and experience in my life.