When I first came to the youth conference, I didn’t quite know what to expect. The main factor that I knew about the youth conference was that it was a group of other young people my age. But what I didn’t know, was how much I had in common with them.

For me, being able to joinecd5e5b75d with other people from all walks of life, countries and cultures which every single human being brought with them, was the most inspiring journey that I have taken thus far. I was able to converse with the other youth in a way that I had wished to for so long. And I didn’t feel held back. I could join in their joy and happiness.
Coming from the United States, let alone the East Coast and of course NY itself, I felt trapped in my little world. Trapped in the sense that whatever I felt I had to say, or do, I had to be careful, or I had to specifically watch how I spoke, or I would immediately be labeled as “a pariah”. Or if I didn’t dress appropriately, I could be spoken about behind my back.

But coming to this youth conference and not having to worry about such trivial things, was the most liberating, and wholesome experience. I was able to sit back and relax as one can say. Being able to talk about Anthroposophy so freely and being able to speak about it with people my own age, was such an awakening for me. It brought me great joy and wonder. I think back on the social life that I had there, and the camaraderie that we all were able to have with one another only a few days of our first meeting.

Once I came back to the US, I almost felt invisible. That no one could tamper with me. No one could tell me negative things. I had a different outlook toward the American lifestyle. I was able to feel like I had no care as to how I looked, felt or reacted to negative people, places orvthings. All this now makes me feel like I can live free and with myself in honesty and purity. Now I am more consciously aware of different attitudes toward life, and most deeply, my own.

If we all think and feel with out deepest awakened soul, only then can we awaken others.