Dear Friends in the Youth Section,

Some time has passed since the International Students’ Conference took place here at the Goetheanum. Nevertheless, the many memories and meetings of our time together are still very much alive and echo on in the messages we receive from people and organisations that feel their connection with the impulses we experienced. Many are asking for continued exchange and for ways of working together.

What made it possible that we, over 400 young people from 20 different countries, were able to come together? And how does it come that the conference would exert such an effect on us as participants and on other organisations? What exists deep down as a foundation in this and many initiatives of its kind worldwide?

There are many answers, naturally, some pragmatic answers also, but the key element for me is authenticity – that aspect that makes it so real and true. The theme of the conference was conceptualised by young people actively in search of solutions for the world and for ourselves in it; who could experience that self-knowledge cannot be avoided if we wish to act in an ethical manner within the world. The participants carried in their hearts precisely those questions – completely existential and fired up within them. Yet at the same time they experienced authentic joy that simply arose out of the moment – to the music, the dance and the other people, and particularly in our work together.

Out of this authenticity we created an environment where we could discuss the challenges we experience in our time in an open, positive atmosphere in search of real solutions. It includes the question, “Where can I become active?” For the exceptional thing about authenticity is that it is, of necessity, completely individual while being equally oriented towards the world; where what appears and what is are no longer separated but may be unified as the same thing. These moments when so many young people come together are very special. They are the moments that lend strength and hope that we may create a positive future together!

From Ioana Viscrianu
Dornach, July 2017

Liebe Freunde der Jugendsektion,

es ist schon eine Weile her, seitdem die Internationale Schülertagung hier, am Goetheanum, stattgefunden hat. Und doch sind Erinnerungen, Begegnungen, und Echos der Zeit, die wir zusammen verbracht haben, noch sehr aktuell und wir erhalten immer noch Nachrichten von Menschen und Organisation, die sich mit dem Impuls, der erlebbar wurde während der Tagung, verwandt fühlen und nach Austausch und Formen der Zusammenarbeit suchen.

Was hat ermöglicht, dass wir, über 400 junge Menschen, aus über 20 Ländern, zusammengekommen sind? Und was hat dahin geführt, dass die Tagung so eine Auswirkung auf uns, die Teilnehmer, andere Organisationen gehabt hat? Was lebt als Grundlage in vielen Initiativen dieser Art hier und weltweit?

Natürlich gibt es viele Antworten, auch pragmatische, aber was für mich ein Schlüsselelement ist, ist die Authentizität – als Echtheit, Wahrhaftigkeit. Der Titel der internationalen Schülertagung wurde von jungen Menschen konzipiert, die auf einer aktiven Suche nach Lösungen für uns und die Welt sind, die erleben können, dass eine Selbsterkenntnis nicht umgegangen werden kann auf der Suche nach Antworten für ethische Umgangsweisen in der Welt. Die Teilnehmer hatten deren im Herzen getragenen Fragen, die so brennend und existentiell sind; aber auch die authentische Freude war da, die aus dem Moment entstanden ist, an der Musik, am Tanzen, an den anderen Menschen aber auch an der Zusammenarbeit!

Aus dieser Authentizität heraus wurde ein Raum geschöpft, wo wir uns mit den Herausforderungen unserer Zeit in einer offenen, lösungsorientierten Art, auseinandersetzen konnten. Die Frage: „Wo kann Ich aktiv/tätig werden?“ wurde auch miteinbezogen. Weil das Besondere an dem Ausdruck der Authentizität ist dass er ganz individuell ist und doch sehr weltbezogen, da Scheinen und Erscheinen nicht mehr getrennt werden, sondern gleichzeitig da sein dürfen. Und diese Momente, in  der Zusammenkunft so vieler jungen Menschen, sind sehr besonderes! Diese Momente geben uns die Kraft, eine hoffnungsvolle Zukunftsperspektive zusammen zu gestalten!

Für die Jugendsektion

Ioana Viscrianu
Dornach, July 2017
(trans. from German by Eric Hurner)

From Constanza Kaliks – “Challenges of our time”

In April we experienced together the international student conference at the Goetheanum, a wonderful meeting of many young people from over 20 countries.

The theme „Challenges of our time – seeking for global consciousness in facing myself?“ motivated our coming together in search of answers to the many challenges facing us today, through a programme of meetings, conversations, contributions and art performances… more

Im April fand die Internationale Schülertagung am Goetheanum statt, ein wunderbares Treffen vieler junger Menschen aus über 20 Ländern.

„Challenges of our time – seeking for global consciousness in facing myself?“  war das Thema, das zum Anlass wurde, zusammenzukommen und durch Begegnungen, Gespräche, Beiträge, künstlerische Aufführungen die Herausforderungen unserer Zeit gemeinsam zu befragen… more

„Myself – mirror or solution for the challenges of our time”

The content of Dr. Constanza Kaliks Keynote talk

In every human being the signs of our time are reflecting – What currently is happening in
the world is directly linked to the individual human being. Sometimes one is able to recognize these issues directly, sometimes world affairs are happening without us noticing it. But we are not only a mirror of our time; each one of us can engage in a world that we want to live in, a more humane world which nurtures our needs.

Which is our individual impact on the time we are living in?

„Money and consciousness- whom is my money serving”

The content of Juan Melés Keynote talk

I will talk about the interdependency of today’s individual, collective, social and environmental challenges with today’s banking system.In my view, the origin of many challenges we are facing today is the paradigm of materialism. How can we create a more humane economy which is based on the human dignity and the values of freedom, love and creativity?

I will introduce you to the global movement of ethical banks with the example of Triodos Bank, Spain.

„From inner transformation to social innovation“

The content of Dr. Ha Vinh Tho’s Keynote talk

We live in a time of profound transformation, an old world is coming to and close, and many people feel that a new world wants to be born, but we don’t quite know what it is that is emerging.

The current economic, political and social systems are failing, but if we want to bring about sustainable change, we have to start from within: systems are the product of human consciousness, if we don’t change our mindset, how can we bring about something new?

Building on the example of Gross National Happiness as a new development paradigm, we will explore what inner changes are necessary to bring about lasting social transformation.

Transformative Science – Transforming Science”

The content of Prof. Dr. Silja Graupe ’s Keynote talk

Michael Polanyi, one of the great philosophers of science in the 20th century, said once: “The main influence of science on modern man has not been…through the advancement of technology; it has come, rather, through the imaginative effects of science on our world view.”

In my talk I will discuss how science works to produce these effects, what the consequences are and what we can – individually as well as collectively – do in order to regain power over our understanding of the world and of ourselves without slipping into a post-truth world.

From Sophie Teske

„CHALLENGES OF OUR TIME-Seeking for a global consciousness by facing myself?“ was the theme of the international conference that took place from 18 – 22 April at the Goetheanum in Dornach. The Youth Section at the Goetheanum hosted the event with the assistance of the WaldorfSV from Germany and the Bund der freien Waldorfschulen.

Every two years the Youth Section at the Goetheanum hosts an international conference for students from the 9th to 13th grades. The preparatory groups aim to find themes for these conferences that draw directly on the reality in which the young people today live… more