Meeting in Stuttgart: Organs of Perception

‘Experience the Esoteric – Refresh Anthroposophy’ is the title of the third meeting of 30 young Anthroposophists in Stuttgart. Notes:

The pac48ef0365a (1)rticipants are on average 30 years old. The following representatives will tell about their work in the closing session: Youth Section in Dornach, the founding of the Cusanus Hochschule close to Trier, preparations for the general meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in Germany, ‘Uni Experiment’ and ‘Campus A’ in Stuttgart, where they had success in bringing all the surrounding trainings and courses together to collaborate. The questions ‘What is Esoteric?’ and ‘What is unique in Anthroposophical Esotericism?’ open the meeting. Groups of five discuss different approaches, concepts and classifications. The questions that arise build a rich ground for the two guests: In a lecture by Johannes Kiersch he summarizes his research about the history of Rudolf Steiner’s School of Spiritual Science. By focussing on the whom and the how of Steiner’s delegation, he illuminates the perspective of an individualization in esoteric work by the School of Spiritual Science. He articulates the quest for ‘Spiritual Life in Community’ as the main subject of this work. The next day Dirk Kruse brings a different perspective to the same aim. To learn to meditate is even simpler than brushing teeth, considering the complicated brushing movement. In this picture he embraces his affirmation for the training and practice to reach the whole world in your inmost through perception. He leads the participants through two meditations: one is the increased awareness to the gathering itself, the other one is to focus with love, joy and enthusiasm as organs of perception on the surface of a piece of copper as a gate to the soul.

First printed in ‘Das Goetheanum’ Issue 9-10 · February 2014