We operate in turbulent times. The one world, often so small on the screen – how infinitely differentiated, how infinitely different in every continent, every country, in every one of us.

Much of what is longed for in a place whc48ef0365a (1)ere the world is at the other perceived as undesirable. What is encouraging in a social context, in other discarded as old and over.At the same time. In a same world. DC entitled to prove that equal comprehensible. The simultaneity of immense contrasts raises the question again and changed to: Where is the right thing? Or: Where it occurs and under what conditions?

This question refers to almost everything. We face today issues in contexts that were centuries beyond questionable. Also to birth and death, we want to have something to say: the manipulation of living brings us up against barriers that were untouchable until recently. And these limits we have come, we are in the middle of them, we cause it. We live in border areas.

Can we connect these areas? Are there border crossings and where are they held?Finally – can do that, what I hope to join up with what I experience around me?

Whether the borders with transitions or clefts – that’s up to us. Perhaps the question of what is right so that it becomes a question of the realization of context, of connectedness. This question is not answered with words but by deeds. She is asked anyone at any time. You pick up is our great challenge – and our great hope.

Far beyond the differences but connects us with the expectation of the future. In common, not lonely future. We all connects. And their implementation begins again and again: in each of us there where he is, where a decision to act is realized. This can be at any time.

Wonderful, if we find the certainty that the future is our common project. And that it starts every where it is taken. Where it is intended. This certainty but I can not theirs alone. I want to share it with others – such as the future also.