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The Youth Section Team at the Goetheanum

Jonathan Uhmann | Elizabeth Davison | Constanza Kaliks | Lisa Seidl -> the team of the Youthsection at the Goetheanum

The Goetheanum Youth Section team here in Dornach is in constant movement. When it was clear that Constanza Kaliks would take over the the section from Elizabeth Wirsching, Lisa Seidel and Che Wagner were asked to lead the transition time beginning in September 2011. Since January 2012, the team has worked on different issues, having regular meetings here, traveling to other Youth Section meetings internationally and also organising the International Youth Section Conference "Being-Present!" and Initative Meeting in July 2012.

The team itself continuously works on holding the international network, researching, the new website and other projects. Continue to keep an eye on the events section to keep up-to-date. 




Constanza Kaliks

Constanza Kaliks, Leader of the YouthSection

Born 1967 in Chile, grew up in Brasil. Married with two children.
Studies of Mathematics in São Paulo, visit at the teacher training at the Goetheanum. 19 years mathematics teacher of the upper school in São Paulo and lecturer at the teach training. Master in education. Is currently doing her Ph.D on Nicolaus of Cuse. Since January 2012 Leader of the Youthsection at the Goetheanum.