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Youth Section Argentina

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere!! We have reached the beginnings of spring here in Buenos Aires; a hum of activity can be heard as the finishing preparations for the Youth Conference Neolaia unfold (4th - 6th October...

Adventures in Switzerland

Reflections on the International Student Meeting 2013 at the Goetheanum

The House on a Hill

Written from the point of view of the Goetheanum building itself

Reflection of 'Being-Present!'

© Magdalena Vollmer

I had not heard of the Goetheanum, but as I walked up Dornach I knew I was entering somewhere special. At first glance I thought this must be where Batman lives, I could feel the energy as I strolled towards it.

'Jetzt-Sein!' reflektiert

"Es wäre unmöglich, die Erfahrungen der Tagung am Goetheanum zum Ausdruck zu bringen, ohne zuerst zu betonen, dass das Goetheanum selber eine ganze Erfahrung ist, insbesondere, wenn es das erste Mal ist, dass man einen...

Reflection of Being-Present! Conference 2012

© Rebekah Renold

When I first came to the youth conference, I didn't quite know what to expect. The main factor that I knew about the youth conference was that it was a group of other young people my age. But what I didn't know, was how much I...