Fabula Collective vzw is now already half a year. In September last year we moved into the magical city of Ghent. Fabula Collective, these are the four women, Sandra Viertler-Messow, Mirka Hurter, Melanie Lauwaert and Hannah Jäkel.

07f6a80912How are stories? What story do we live and what we want to design for the future?

So you could call it what motivates us to live together, work together and individually to explore issues and to allow genuine encounter between people.

Our work, the search for answers to these questions is, so far mainly coalesced into two major events and become visible: The 10-day intensive training “Societal shapers” in January. While this has been working with themes of the threefold social order, such as personal and social issues. This was followed by a 5-day festival “New Myths, New Forms” in February.

Now begins a new era for us. The sun hours are increasing, the trees turn into bright green, the young salads and strawberry plants fill the “living walls” in our garden. The city, so the public life right outside our front door begins to pulsate. And for this, some events are planned in our house:

In mid-May, we are one of the old class room in the back of our house, during a workshop, remodel a Aikido dojo. This is “Free Place” initiated: A Season in Fabula Collective welcomes people who want to live in and with us between 15 May and 15 June. You can expect a place for community experience, initiative and individual work.So you have the opportunity to live in the middle of the beautiful old town of Ghent, to be creative, to their own questions, projects, assignments, installations, songs and work like. Surrounded by other people, it is always possible feed-back to get together about these drums to a World Café and to be inspired by the Co-Spirit. The classrooms are further transformed to the clothing market. Depending on your mood, they are, however, to use as a studio, exercise studio or other laboratory-like facilities.

Furthermore takes from 6 to 8 June, a workshop on biographical work place. From July 18 to 28, we will get involved in the hustle and bustle of the Ghent Festival. This allows visitors a variety of events such as movies and think tanks on the topic “New Myths, New Forms” visit.

Until the end of July there is the opportunity to visit Fabula Collective in the city center of Ghent, for interested people are welcome at any time.