Social Threefolding forum in Los Angeles

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Dear Youth Section Friends,

I imagine much energy is stirring and connection happening lately with the gathering in Den Hague and now in Dornach. I have been living in excitement from a distance and at times wishing I could be there too! I look forward to learning what is being developed.

I wanted to share with you all the vision, intention and invitation for our upcoming Social Threefolding forum in Los Angeles. It is a joint collaboration between Elderberries Threefold Cafe and the North American Youth Section and will take place from August 31st – September 4th

In 1924 Rudolf Steiner then spoke of how at the end of the century he and the students would return after a very short incarnation whereby the Platonists and Aristotelians would come to work together for the first time in the earthly realm because something had to be implanted into earth evolution whose fruits would bear forth in the Sixth Epoch.

For a while we have felt the need to have a meeting that will bring together people from diverse backgrounds and ages to build agreements for the future. What is possible and needed now – 100 years after Steiner first introduced the Threefold idea?

The vision for How We Will Forum is to bring about systemic change with Threefolding, specifically inspired by Nicanor Perlas’ call for a united and strengthened Civil Society. Can we build a coalition, a cultural voice, that can stand side by side with the political and economic in our communities and nations? Through lectures, workshops and open spaces, participants will prepare to bring Threefolding home.

We have a very diverse team working with us in LA and abroad, some who are new to Anthroposophy but deeply connected to inspired activist communities. This it feels like, brings a lot of potency and helps the invitation reach out also beyond the Anthroposphical circles.

It would be beautiful to have you join us in LA and also help put the word out far and wide. Our website is and Facebook: I’ve also attached a flyer.

Best wishes and much appreciation for your work.