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Work and study week at Skjoldhøj Agricultural Community, Denmark

The work with the biodynamic preparations is a task for which it can be difficult to find the space in

the abundance of daily work: I don’t find the time! – But if I make the step, a completely new time-
reality arises, into which the life of the whole farm is lifted.

This is an immediate experience in the work with the preparations, but which are the
”instruments” in this activity? – To answer that question we want to dive into a meeting with these
plants, which are the basis for the different preparations: yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak,
dandelion and valeria – as each of them appears at Skjoldhøj. – With two of them we will get more
deeply in contact through work, observation, drawing-exercises, modelling and eurythmy. Which
two of them we have not yet decided, but if you are interested, you can contact us, and then we will
send you a program when it’s ready (month of May).
A decisive part of our efforts to enter into our theme is, apart from this, the daily work on the
farm, the common meals, the singing, the studies, the conversations and our day excursion.
If you want us to send a program, or if you have other questions:

Skjoldhøj Landbrugsfællesskab
Louise Lemche, Kirsten Larsen, Simon Wiesner

Skjoldhøjvej 24
DK – 8471 Sabro
Tel: 0045 86 21 19 07
Mail: morgenfrue2006@yahoo.dk

Arbeits- und Studienwoche 2018
Work and study week 2018