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Unsere Zeit trägt extrem wie keine zuvor Segen und Fluch in sich. Der Segen unserer Zeit ist, dass ihre Herausforderungen bereits erkannt wurden. Uns ist bekannt was in dieser Welt schlief läuft. Wir wissen, dass wir auf dem besten Weg sind unseren Planeten zu zerstören; wissen, dass wir uns als Menschen immer mehr von einander [...]

Impressions of the Student’s Performances

Impressions of the Students’ Performances On evening of the 19th and 20th the stage of the great hall was filled by participants that shared some of their culture through dance, singing, eurythmy and poems. The students performance became a special highlight of the Conference and every group left the stage with tremendous applause. [...]

Sophie Teske

From Sophie Teske Dornach, July 2017 (trans. from German by Eric Hurner) „CHALLENGES OF OUR TIME-Seeking for a global consciousness by facing myself?“ was the theme of the international conference that took place from 18 - 22 April at the Goetheanum in Dornach. The Youth Section at the Goetheanum hosted the event with the assistance [...]

All who made the conference possible !

ORGANIZERS TEAM: Sophie Teske, Maxine Fowé, Constanza Kaliks, Paul Zebhauser, Ioana Viscrianu, Antonia Taraba, Jakob Zimmer, Lion Talir, Lucas Bauer,Salomó Stainbank, Justus Gilsbach, Isabel Antrobus-Thorweihe, Erik Milas, Till Höffner, Ronja Eis, Milena Kugler, Michael Kossmann and Rosario Gabriell THE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dr. Constanza Kaliks, Juan Melé, Dr. Ha Vinh Tho, Prof. Dr. Silja Graupe CHANGEMAKER [...]


For the last day, we decided not to have another Keynote talk but to reserve the time in the great hall for young change-makers. Each change-maker had fifteen minutes to talk about his/her project and the vision behind it. The first of our change-makers was actually a participant, that traveled from India to be part [...]

The vision of the conference

The vision of the conference Have you ever wondered why today`s society is often built on paradigms and shaped out of narratives that do not stand in accordance with the needs of our generation? We created the International Students’ Conference in order to offer young change makers from all around the world a platform to [...]

Constanza Kaliks

From Constanza Kaliks Dornach, July 2017 Liebe Freunde! Im April fand die Internationale Schülertagung am Goetheanum statt, ein wunderbares Treffen vieler junger Menschen aus über 20 Ländern. „Challenges of our time – seeking for global consciousness in facing myself?“  war das Thema, das zum Anlass wurde, zusammenzukommen und durch Begegnungen, Gespräche, Beiträge, künstlerische Aufführungen die Herausforderungen [...]

Constanza Kaliks

From Constanza Kaliks Dornach, July 2017 (trans. from German by Eric Hurner) Dear Friends, In April we experienced together the international student conference at the Goetheanum, a wonderful meeting of many young people from over 20 countries. The theme „Challenges of our time – seeking for global consciousness in facing myself?“ motivated our coming together [...]


DR. HA VINH THO „From inner transformation to social innovation “ The content of Dr. Ha Vinh Thos Keynote talk We live in a time of profound transformation, an old world is coming to and close, and many people feel that a new world wants to be born, but we don’t quite know what it [...]


Joan Melé „Money and consciousness- whom is my money serving” The content of Juan Melés Keynote talk I will talk about the interdependency of today’s individual, collective, social and environmental challenges with today’s banking system. In my view, the origin of many challenges we are facing today is the paradigm of materialism. How can we [...]

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