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Gap at Glen Brook

Gap at Glen Brook is a place-based program for gap students that nurtures your sense of purpose through community living and connection with the natural world. Our campus is 250 acres of forest and farm that is host to a community of educators and self-guided learners in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Gap at Glen [...]


The word Anthroposophy comes from the Greek words antropos and sophia, meaning the wisdom of man. Rudolf Steiner used this word to give name to his insights into the evolution of the cosmos and the human being. In his spiritual science he describes the connection between the spiritual world and the human being, and gives [...]

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner was born on February 25, 1861 in Murakiraley, Austria-Hungary (now Donji Kraljevec, Croatia), and died in Dornach on March 30, 1925.He founded the General Anthroposophical Society and the School of Spiritual Science in 1923, with its center at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.From here spiritual research in all fields of life, and in [...]

International Students’ Conference

„Challenges Of Our Time - Seeking For A Global Consciousness By Facing Myself“ is the topic for the International Students' Conference in which we wish to form a picture of how we young people imagine the world of tomorrow - To list the challenges of our time we simply have to turn on the [...]

Waldorfpädagogik und Erziehungswissenschaft im Dialog

Waldorfpädagogik und Erziehungswissenschaft im Dialog Handbuch zur Standortbestimmung und zu Entwicklungsperspektiven Waldorfschulen zählen weltweit zu den bekanntesten und meist verbreiteten alternativen Schulformen. In Deutschland gibt es zurzeit rund 236 Waldorfschulen und über 500 Waldorfkindergärten. Insbesondere China gilt in den letzten Jahren als „Boom-Land" der Waldorfpädagogik. Die Praxis ist in den letzten fünfzehn Jahren zu einem intensiv beforschten Gegenstand [...]

Youth Initiative Programm (YIP)

Die Welt erleben, verstehen und gestalten   Youth Initiative Programm (YIP) und B.A. Philosophy, Arts and Social Entrepreneurship (Alanus Hochschule) Immer mehr junge Menschen gehen der Frage nach, wie die Welt „von morgen“ aussehen soll und wie sie diese selbst aktiv mitgestalten können. In welcher Gesellschaft wir leben wollen und werden hängt wesentlich davon ab, [...]

Sexuality and Spirituality

From Constanza Kaliks Dornach, March 2016 Trans. into English by Eric Hurner (see German version below)FEBRUARY DAYS 2016 - Sexuality and SpiritualityOur Bodily Constitution Repeatedly in recent times, in groups and in conversation, the relationship between spirituality and sexuality has been raised. And around this central question a group of some 60 young people met at [...]

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